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Cataloghi sfogliabili

Cataloghi sfogliabili fiem

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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Incubator Cosmo EVO 72

FIEM COSMO evo 72S senza igrometro
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Eggs capacity (approx) SETTER + HATCHER
Hen - Wild Duck - Mallard 70 - 72
Pheasant 96 - 104
Red leg 112 - 120
Partridge - Quail 150 - 180
Turkey - Duck 62 - 64
Goose 30 - 36
Technical data
Power Supply V
Power Consumption Watt. 185
Sizes mm 640x530x400H
Net Weight Kg 9,5

The constant and continuous researching for more and more innovative systems, fully complying with the needs of customers - increasingly oriented to the use of more technologically evolved products - has led  us to make another step towards the modernity by creating the new model  COSMO EVO.  

COSMO EVO represents the top of the New Generation range and is featured by a wide variety of serial equipment. 

The electronic control unit with backlit LCD  allows  managing – with a very easy usage – the full range of advanced parameters listed below:

- 5°C to 45°C (0,1°C decimal accuracy) range temperature is regulated by LCD electronic control unit with proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID). That provides for an absolute temperature precision inside the incubator;
- °C/°F immediate conversion;
- Maximum temperature alarm;
- The LCD electronic control unit can perform the digital reading of humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%) and, if connected to an external ultrasound humidifier, it is a super-modern digitally-regulated automatic humidification systems;
- Ventilation intensity is fully and digitally adjustable according to the different incubation phases;
- Languages selection : Italian / English.. 

- Incubation calendar: Our new LCD control system will be equipped with a NEW useful programming system able to keep the user always up to date with the incubation period (days elapsed) for 4 different incubation cycles.
- PID / ON-OFF : According to the climate of your country you can now choose with our LCD panel how to manage incubation temperature : PID / ON-OFF

Fiem LCD calendario web


Humidity and temperature sensors inside the machine are completely separated and disconnected to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.


ADJUSTABLE EGG TURNING GRID The automatic turning of eggs is allowed by a special mechanism which, thanks to slow and continuous automatic movement of the whole housing seat, helps proper development of embryo and inhibits its dangerous adhesions to egg shells.  The new polyvalent and professional turning grid has been specifically conceived for incubation of eggs of different dimensions , thanks to extractable and adjustable modules

carrello uova orizzonatale2018

HUMIDIFICATION Natural surface humidification is performed by modular bins built into the machine lower valve by an easy-to-use external filling system.

Fiem umidificazione


Automatic and external ultrasound humidification is governed by the electronic control (on demand)

Fiem Umifificatore LIMPIA 4 2019 bassa

TEMPERATURE  Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer.

Fiem termometro

AIR-VENTILATION Heat is mixed up and distributed by a special silent and reliable fan which, thanks to the streamlined profile of machine top valve, ensures high performance in incubation.

fiem ventola orizzontale2018

The new “Cosmo” model has been properly conceived & designed not only for the incubation phase but also for chicks hatching & weaning phases.  Thanks to the new developed LCD control system, the new model “Cosmo H/W (hatching/weaning)” allows to easily & accurately manage several advanced parameters like temperature, ventilation intensity and humidity, important & essential conditions for realizing good hatching & weaning phases.


The safety of electric components fully complies with EEC standards and the control panel outside the incubator helps preventing any problem with electric components arising from humidity and condensate.