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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Fiem MG 50 bird2015

Technical data
Power Supply V/Hz 220-230 / 50-60
Power Consumption Watt. 120
Sizes mm 420x530x400H
Net Weight Kg 24
Trays quantity No. 1
Tray Sizes mm 380x490

MG 50 Bird consists of serial automatic turning of eggs by proper specifical setting basket with extractable and adjustable modules, it allows housing eggs of different dimensions inside it. ·   A decimal-precision digital thermostat allows to easily and accurately adjust the temperature
·   Silent and reliable electronic fan, with total absence of vibrations and reduced consumption, set on a single optimal working speed for incubation and hatching
·   Automatic turning of eggs 
·   Cabin made of stratified materials with laminate finishing (also available in insulated and prepainted steel version)
·   Temperature is read through °C precision thermometer
·   A wet-bulb °C hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator.
·   Humidification is performed through water basin (automatic humidification is available upon request with digital adjustment)


FIEM MG50 Bird spia attivazione voltauova   

Egg turning indicator light

 FIEM MG50 BIRD termometro lettura  

Thermometer for an accurate  reading of temperature

 Fiem MG50 BIRD LCD  

Wet-bulb hygrometer for an accurate reading of humidity

 FIEM MG50 BIRD rete prot ergonomica  

Ergonomic protective wire mesh

MG50 Bird in FULL OPTIONAL version

In addition to serial equipment, FULL OPTIONAL versions also consists of external ultrasound humidifier with digital control providing for a precise adjustment.  
Fiem Umifificatore LIMPIA 4 2019 bassaFiem MG 50 bird2015

The safety of electric components fully complies with EEC standards and the control panel outside the incubator helps preventing any problem with electric components arising from humidity and condensate.