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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Because of the “do-it-yourself” experimental logic, several amateurs have lost entire broods of small turtles, saurians or snakes due to the use of improper incubators hatcheries or components in incubation of these species.

Thanks to FIEM, several amateurs who have used our cheapest models, such as Smart and MG25 Rep,  have seen the birth of the first broods of turtles, snakes and chameleons.

The objectives of ultimate technique and innovation have been fully reached in our REP, CLIMA and CAM CLIMA models, equipped with “Peltier cell” temperature climatized control with fully programmable times and temperatures in the various moments of the day and further safety system to prevent temperature peaks possibly affecting positive hatching results. 

The special needs of research laboratories or demanding amateurs are fully met by our semi-professional and professional range, including Colibrì and MG 316 Cam Clima Professional models, allowing the user to automatically and digitally manage ultrasound humidification, as well as high and low temperature maximum limits.

The brand-new Tortuga series, conceived and implemented for incubation of turtle eggs, features an innovative humidification system, allowing the user to incubate eggs without using uncomfortable wet substrates.
Studies on it have provided for a semi-professional product, also affordable to low-budget people, such as MG140 Tortuga and MG 316

Fiem rettiliTortuga models. 

All models of the range:

Smart Rep - MG25 Rep - MG50 Rep - MG 140 Rep - MG316 Rep