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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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About us

Established in 1975 with a production plan for poultry hatcheries and incubators for home and professional usage, for more than 30 years Fiem has been one of the indisputable leader in the manufacturing of these system. 

Our constant and continuous research the incubation field has led our staff to create technologies able to control the hatching process and, thanks to our experience, we have acquired in years the reputation of specialized company able to provide for customized solutions according to customer’s needs.

Quality is a very important factor to us and one of our main priorities; combined with top performance of our products, it allows us to fully meet our customers’ expectations.

Easy-to-use electronic control systems are fully protected against humidity seepage or accidental contact, fully complying with EEC standards on safety; our enthusiasm in the manufacturing of the most innovative (incubators & hatchers) hatcheries and incubators in the market has made them durable and low consuming.

Evenness of temperature inside the hatching cabin is ensured by equal and natural air distribution and the special position of CO2 exhaustion and ventilation holes facilitates a complete and immediate air change.

A special mechanical system ensures the automatic turning of eggs and the following proper development of embryo as dangerous adhesions to egg shells  are prevented.

All these pre-requisites allow reaching an excellent hatching percentage, for both single stage and multy stage incubation.