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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Hatcher MG576H EVO

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Eggs Capacity Hatcher
Hen - Duck - Mallard 576
Pheasant 784
Red legs 1008
Partridge - Quail 1360
Turkey 400
Goose 224
Technical data
Power Supply V/Hz 220-240 / 50-60
Power Consumption Watt. 360
Sizes mm 770x820x980H
Net Weight Kg 60

MG 400 H, the bigger ventilated air semi-professional hatcher, consists of several floors and is usually coupled with incubators without internal hatching compartment (MG576S-MG720S) to implement a weekly hatching cycle to reach the best hatching performance.
This model consists of decimal digital temperature regulation and control thermometer in °F degrees, and humidification is performed through proper heated bins. This model is equipped with decimal digital regulation and control thermometer in °F degrees, humidification is performed through proper water tank and the humidity percentage is displayed by a wet-bulb hygrometer available.
The ventilation intensity is adjustable and a visual and acoustic signal warns temperature abnormalities and stops heating if the maximum temperature limit set up by the user is reached.
A further electromechanical thermostat independent of the main control panel allows keeping main machine functions if a malfunction occurs to the control panel. 

- The electronic control unit with backlit LCD allows managing – with a very easy usage – the full range of advanced parameters listed below:
- 5°C to 45°C (0,1°C decimal accuracy) range temperature is regulated by LCD electronic control unit with proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID), that provides for an absolute temperature precision inside the incubator; 
- °C/°F immediate conversion;
- Maximum temperature alarm;
- The LCD electronic control unit can perform the digital reading of humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%)
- Languages selection : Italian / English.

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- PID / ON-OFF : According to the climate of your country you can now choose how to manage incubation temperature : PID / ON-OFF


Humidity and temperature sensors inside the machine are completely separated and disconnected to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.


The safety of electric components fully complies with EEC standards and the control panel outside the hatcher helps preventing any problem with electric components arising from humidity and condensate.