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Cataloghi sfogliabili fiem

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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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Ostrich “Professional series”

A professional series of hatcheries has been implemented in cooperation withVictoria, with the only purpose of creating the basis for modernity in the systems which manage all the most advanced artificial environmental parameters aiming at excellence in hatching performance.

Integrated ventilation systems, often underestimated by several manufacturers, play a basic role to good hatching results and we believe that the type of machine you are using and the automation system are surely decisive factors for the development of this important final phase.

This is the main reason why Fiem, thanks to the cooperation and proven experience of Victoria group, has reached the maximum efficiency level in control systems, ventilation and, last but not least, energy consumption.

We are always able to assess customized solutions on the basis of our customers’ different needs, using quality components, but fully complying with the budget. 

Fiem struzzi professionali