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Cataloghi sfogliabili

Cataloghi sfogliabili fiem

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Incubator Humidifation System

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Egg tray of Astrale series

For Astrale series , professional cellular egg trays are used made of high-density plastic material, commonly used for industrial series.
The special materials used guarantee integrity and practical use, thanks to their lightness. 
These trays provide for a precise location of eggs and are available in a wide range of specific models for every kind of eggs; they are also used to collect eggs in poultry houses, with high savings in labour, and stock them, as they can be overlapped.

Fiem Plateau anatra/tacchina Fiem Plateau oca
Duck/Turkey insert No. 50 eggs Goose insert No. 28 eggs
Fiem Plateau pernice rossa Fiem Plateau Fagiana
Red Legs insert No. 126 eggs Pheasant insert No. 98 eggs
Fiem Plateau gallina Fiem Plateau quaglie
Hen insert No. 72 eggs Quail insert No. 170 eggs