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Incubator Humidifation System

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MG 6 S+ H


Eggs Capacity Setter Hatcher
Ostrich Camelus 6 6
Ostrich Emu 9 9
Ostrich Nandu 6-10 10
Technical data
Power Supply V/Hz 220-240 / 50-60
Power Consumption Watt. 250
Sizes mm 670x680x780H
Net Weight Kg 45

MG 6 S+H model has been subject to some recent fundamental modifications to ventilation system and the egg turning device, which have highly increased performance and, rightly, made it even more attractive to our customers.  Really, in addition to serial equipment, MG 6 S+H model incubator represents the basis for using semi-professional machines and has an excellent quality/price ratio, also considering the effective quantity of eggs it can house.

• With cabin made of stratified materials with laminate finishing, the incubator is also available in insulated and prepainted steel.
• MG 6 S+H incubator, with full automated turning of eggs, uses specially developed ostrich metal trays.
• Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and a wet-bulb hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator.
• Two port-holes on the door provides for a perfect view inside the incubator and the internal light allows an easy inspections of the eggs .
• A decimal-precision digital (or analogue, upon request) thermostat allows to easily and accurately adjust various parameters.

- The electronic control unit with backlit LCD allows managing – with a very easy usage – the full range of advanced parameters listed below:
- 5°C to 45°C (0,1°C decimal accuracy) range temperature is regulated by LCD electronic control unit with proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID), that provides for an absolute temperature precision inside the incubator; 
- °C/°F immediate conversion;
- Maximum temperature alarm;
- The LCD electronic control unit can perform the digital reading of humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%) and, if connected to an external ultrasound humidifier, it is a super-modern digitally-regulated automatic humidification systems;
- Languages selection : Italian / English.
Fiem LCD calendario web
- Incubation calendar: Our new LCD control system is now equipped with a NEW useful programming system able to keep the user always up to date with the incubation period (days elapsed) for 4 different incubation cycles. 
- PID / ON-OFF : According to the climate of your country you can now choose how to manage incubation temperature : PID / ON-OFF

Humidity and temperature sensors inside the machine are completely separated and disconnected to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.
• The machine is equipped with a new high-quality self-cooling bearing professional motor fan - providing for an equal air diffusion in the whole compartment to ensure excellent hatching results. A suitable air exchange followed by carbon dioxide exhaustion is through proper ventilation holes.   

The safety of electric components fully complies with EEC standards and the control panel outside the incubator helps preventing any problem with electric components arising from humidity and condensate.