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NEWS 2020
Incubator Humidifation System

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A very famous sprouting technique is the usage of special incubators equipped with artificial lights helping the plant photosynthesis process. Really, this phase can be anticipated and accelerated by putting the plants in incubators and providing them with light by phytostimulating neon lamps.

The artificial light seeding has several advantages: first of all, some months are gained and when the hot season starts the planting shoots have already grown up slightly; nevertheless, it is pleasant to follow them comfortably at home while the other activities are interrupted. Besides, the artificial light seeding can be started at any time of the year by a machinery to constantly monitor all artificial climatic parameters necessary to proper sprouting.
Seeds must be laid 1-2 centimetres under the surface, ground must be soaked to increase the sprouting percentage, a transparent film can be spread to keep humidity. It is recommended to keep temperature above 25 degrees in this phase. After one week, the sprouting starts, usually ending in the two following weeks; any plant sprout after that is only a residue.

As soon as allowed by the external temperature, the small plants can be transferred outside to complete their growth.

It is recommended to change neon lights when they start being consumed (they become black at their ends).

Vessels suitable for a seeding facility must be square, if possible, about 5x5x5 with a hole on the bottom, otherwise plastic containers exist already set up with six compartments. It has to be remembered that 20 to 50 seeds and more can be planted in a vessel of the above-mentioned dimensions. This depends on the typical dimensions of the species in young age and on the time to be spent in this substrate before being transferred.

The procedure recommends a daily check, to ensure that the small plants grow up properly and are healthy, that neither filaments nor glazes form on the surface or, even worse, larvae or other insects appear. Excellent results are ensured if all the necessary measures are strictly taken.

In conclusion, experience is the true master in every situation.

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